Lee Behnken is an ordained and licensed member of the Evangelical Church Alliance

Lee Behnken, of Brookville, Ohio, USA, began singing and playing his guitar at the age of 11. Throughout most of his childhood and teenage years, Lee developed his guitar skills and rich vocals through involvement with church groups and gospel musicians. These early years of musical training, coupled with an earnest desire to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God's Word, provided a solid foundation for Lee's music ministry.

A psychology graduate from the University of Cincinnati, Lee has always desired to play a role in the mending of broken hearts and lives. After graduation, Lee found that the counseling profession he had chosen wasn't the full plan that God had for his life. Since that time, Behnken's life has been dedicated to sharing the gospel as a music evangelist and worship leader, bringing the message of our only hope, the hope that restores mankind to completeness through Jesus Christ.

Today, Lee is an accomplished song writer/producer/concert artist, combining his musical abilities with an evangelistic focus. In 1988 Lee produced his first album titled "A Boy and His Guitar." He released three songs nationally in the USA and was successful on contemporary Christian radio charts. Since then, Lee has released 6 more projects as well as an aggressive music video with the song "The Christian Anthem", which is dedicated to our children in public schools, and the feature-length dvd of an evening of praise and worship recorded at the Wright State University Nutter Center entitled, "On Earth as it is in Heaven...there is hope in Jesus."

Lee's cry-from-the-soul lyrics and accoustic guitar performances have captivated audiences around the world. His missionary spirit has led him in cutting new trails through Russia, Siberia and the Far East, being the first American to perform in newly opened cities. In Central Asia's Uzbekistan, you can find Lee's picture in the Samarakand city museum in honor of his historical performances.

In the Fall of 1996, 1997, and 1998 Lee toured the Philippine Islands with his entire band and witnessed 1000's of unbelievers give their hearts to the Lord. And in January of 2000, Lee appeared on a first-time, one-of-a-kind television program in China, featuring contemporary Christian music during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Lee presented Christian music during a 90-minute musical show on national Chinese television for the first time in that country's history, which received some of the best viewer ratings that network has ever received.

Nearly all seven of the albums Behnken has produced to date are compiled of original songs consisting of soulfully-inspired messages leading the listener to the Lord. "I also love to write and use praise and worship songs. My songs are mostly inspired by my love for the Lord and the needs of the people. To lead people to worship the Lord are ultimately what Psalms, choruses, hymns and spiritual songs are all about," he said.